More Glowing Reviews of Julian Darius’s Nira/Sussa

Nira/Sussa, the novel by Julian DariusTwo new reviews have been published of Julian Darius’s Nira/Sussa, the first novel published by Martian Lit: one review by SR Jones and another by Pavarti K. Tyler.

Snippets from SR Jones’s review include:

With NIRA/SUSSA, author Julian Darius has created a Lolita for the 21st Century: brutal in its honesty and honest about its brutality. And make no mistake, this is a brutal piece of fiction, on a par with the work of Brett Easton Ellis or Nick Tosches at his noir-ish best.

There are only a few writers these days who dare to go to the places this book goes.

This is a book you lean into, horrified, like a spectacular car wreck that you crane to see more of, even though the seeing will scar you.

Read the whole review here.

Snippets from Pavarti K. Tyler’s review include:

Brilliantly deviant… If you can step back from your cultural assumptions and allow the demented logic presented some room to breathe within your mind, you’ll find that Darius has done what all great literature sets out to do.

Darius plays with the narrative as easily and seamlessly as a child plays with legos.

Nira/Sussa is the epitome of the publishing revolution. Darius has founded his own imprint and with this work, forced upon the market the kind of raw brilliance usually shunned until well after it’s time.

Read Pavarti K. Tyler’s whole review here.

These two reviews join one by Kirkus Reviews.

Meanwhile, on Yahoo Answers, Nira/Sussa‘s been mentioned in a list of disturbing books to read, while there’s a question about the novel on

Hopefully, these reviews will come to represent a growing awareness of the novel — and the importance of Martian Lit’s mission, in bringing such works to the market.

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