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May 2013

Muscular Man PosingPretty Meat

90 minutes a day and a pretty face… You’d be amazed at what some good looks and time in the gym can do for you. The possibilities are endless: get an agent, get a role,… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume 2, Episode 12: “St. James Infirmary”

After ingesting a huge amount of the fall, Zinone spirals into a fugue state.

quarryQuarry Letter

My carnivorous darling, my adored Predator, I long to be torn Limb from limb from limb by your Jewel-studded jaws I wish be ripped to pieces Rent in two I want to be devoured as… [more]

T3AV2E11The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 11: “The Fall”

Zinone confronts his actions, while Jerrod searches for healing.

Canterbury 2009I Hope One Day You Will Learn How to Use the Oyster Knife

I make a list of things I don’t know: 1) The precise hue of your beard when you’re pouring me wine. 2) The name of the kind of bread you bake. 3) The probably obscene… [more]

T3AV2E10The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 10: “This is My Life”

Jerrod makes some new friends, while Zinone encounters an old acquaintance.

screamWatching Alice Die

I’m sitting and smoking and watching Alice pop these huge blue pills into her mouth. She just scoops them up in her hand and pops them in like it’s nothing, like they’re candy, but they’re… [more]

still from The Third Age, Volume 2, Episode 9The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 9: “No Escape”

Previously on The Third Age… The completion of “The Fall,” a drug designed to give humans the powers of gods, marked the realization of Jerrod Woolf’s twenty year vision. But things didn’t quite come out… [more]