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May 2013

Muscular Man PosingPretty Meat

90 minutes a day and a pretty face… You’d be amazed at what some good looks and time in the gym can do for you. The possibilities are endless: get an agent, get a role,… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume 2, Episode 12: “St. James Infirmary”

After ingesting a huge amount of the fall, Zinone spirals into a fugue state.

quarryQuarry Letter

My carnivorous darling, my adored Predator, I long to be torn Limb from limb from limb by your Jewel-studded jaws I wish be ripped to pieces Rent in two I want to be devoured as… [more]

T3AV2E11The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 11: “The Fall”

Zinone confronts his actions, while Jerrod searches for healing.

Canterbury 2009I Hope One Day You Will Learn How to Use the Oyster Knife

I make a list of things I don’t know: 1) The precise hue of your beard when you’re pouring me wine. 2) The name of the kind of bread you bake. 3) The probably obscene… [more]

T3AV2E10The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 10: “This is My Life”

Jerrod makes some new friends, while Zinone encounters an old acquaintance.

still from The Third Age, Volume 2, Episode 9The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 9: “No Escape”

Previously on The Third Age… The completion of “The Fall,” a drug designed to give humans the powers of gods, marked the realization of Jerrod Woolf’s twenty year vision. But things didn’t quite come out… [more]