Quarry Letter

My carnivorous darling, my adored
Predator, I long to be torn
Limb from limb from limb by your
Jewel-studded jaws
I wish be ripped to pieces
Rent in two
I want to be devoured as if by a savage creature
Gored by horns or antlers, disemboweled by some
Ravenous beast, I want
To be hungered for, tracked, chased,
Lunged upon, pinned down then shredded, gobbled
Alive. I want my screams
To echo through the woods. I want to be mauled
Beyond recognition. I want to have to be identified
By my dental records. I want my flesh to be
Digested, to combine with yours and lend you
Precious energy, I want what you cannot use of me
To be ejected, to lie in steaming piles
Beneath the firs. I want you to gnaw
My bones and slurp the marrow. I need to sate
Some wild beast’s hunger,
To keep some famished animal alive.
I am perishing of desolation,
Finish me as well as your starvation.
I am rubbing my musk all over
The forest for you, depositing
A dotted line of spoor throughout the copses.
I’ll be leading the way through the thickets, waiting for you
To swallow the distance. Press
Your exquisite snout to the earth and
Follow my trail.

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Seann Patrick McCollum has self-published ten books of poetry, with another two due later this year. As should be apparent, he is slightly obsessive and a control freak but otherwise completely harmless. He stands five foot ten in his socks and is patiently waiting for this whole internet business to blow over. His work can be found at songoferyops.blogspot.com.

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