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January 2013

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume II, Episode 2: “The God Genome”

Jerrod’s vision is realized, but at what cost? The psychedelic journey continues in The Third Age, Volume II.

turtle toyTurtle Power

In the Black Hills we went to a replica of the Flintstone’s town where I sat in Fred’s car. My brother climbed Dino while my sister stuck her face atop Wilma’s neck. I was too… [more]

The Third Age 2.1: "The Grand Illusion"The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 1: “The Grand Illusion”

The Third Age returns! For a recap of the first series, click here.

Leopard PeopleLeopard People

Lermontov got on the plane back to Russia and put the jacket over his face, trying to picture an airport without people for his return. He tried not to think of the people he’d let… [more]

The Third Age posterThe Third Age, Volume II Trailer

It’s been a long time since we last released a new episode of The Third Age. But the break is over, and we’re ready to return with Volume II. With this set of episodes, we’re… [more]

GrasshopperRetroactively Potent

Wanting to use ‘I am your boomerang’ in a poem, I Googled to make sure no one else had used the metaphor. But of course someone else had thought of it before. He also wrote… [more]

Politics, by John ShawBlack and Blue in ’32

I’m the favorite to win. It’s not my foreign policy and it’s not my handling of domestic issues. Nobody gives a shit about the unemployment numbers, job growth, the illusory downward trend of the trade… [more]