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September 2012

Convoy x Melissa detailOptimus Prime, Pedophile

Did you know that the beloved leader of the Autobots had a fetish for underage girls? Or that a Megatron look-alike not only shared the same fetish, but repeatedly tried to rape those girls? Or that… [more]

art by MingagraphySaturday

Today is a Saturday and people either work half day in an unfamiliar branch or they resent their jobs. They put your bowl of chicken noodle on your table without a smile or spoon. You… [more]

image from The Third AgeThe Third Age, Episode 12/13: “The Last Supper”

It’s the season finale of Volume One! Zinone mulls an intriguing proposal from Jerrod Woolf, and makes a decision that will irrevocably change his world. The apocalypse begins here!

art by Nathaniel OotenWhat a Difference a Day Makes

Warren Samuels III was cordially invited by the Imaginautical Turbine to attend A Meeting of Fantastic Importance on the 30th of February. The words were lavishly written in thick cursive ink. The invitation was a singular… [more]

image from The Third AgeThe Third Age, Episode 11: “A Very Generous Offer”

With one episode to the finale, Zinone finds himself wondering whether he’s a prisoner or a guest at Woolf Pharmaceutical!

empty stageNostalgia in Three Acts

CHARACTERS Brian Watkins, a twenty-one-year-old male David Watkins, Brian’s father Charlene Watkins, Brian’s mother Jane Higgins, Brian’s twentyish girlfriend John Burrow, Brian’s twentyish friend Nate Peterson, a twenty-two-year-old male ACT ONE: April 27, 1970 ACT… [more]