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August 2012

still from The Third AgeThe Third Age, Episode 10: “In Exile”

Holly, Zinone and Morning are on the run and facing a crossroads. Will their fragile group survive?

Christmas lights, by David MilanoGallery of the Disappeared Men

She had seen that clouded look before, a determined mix of pity and revulsion and something else she could not define. It was there and then gone in an instant, like that first surprising zing… [more]

still from The Third Age, episode 9The Third Age, Episode 9: “Mission Control”

Holly, Zinone, and Morning scramble to avoid capture, while Jerrod struggles to stay sane.

Michele BachmannMichele Bachmann

I want to see this film and I want to read this book. She is the anachronistic subject of the poem, the woman in the oil painting making love to crabs. I’m a little girl… [more]

still from The Third Age, episode 8The Third Age, Episode 8: “Hyperopia”

This week, The Third Age kicks into high gear. After completing her ritual with Morning, Holly knows what she has to do, but can she do it? And Jerrod Woolf’s vision reaches a critical point,… [more]

Dig Doug, Day 3Dig Doug, Day 3

Doug didn’t bother taking a shower. Instead, he came into work early as usual. As he stood in front of the building, waiting for Kay to unlock it, he noticed that the others stood away… [more]

still from The Third Age, episode 7The Third Age, Episode 7: “The Tree of Life”

If you watch one episode of The Third Age, make it this one! This week, Holly leads a ritual to find out the truth about Morning, and is shocked by what she discovers!

art by MingagraphyA Blanket Made with Thistles

A long tongue of highway slithered out ahead of us, the windows kept sticking and the air conditioning didn’t work. I could feel my breath make a wave of lazy lines in front of me… [more]

still from The Third Age, episode 6The Third Age, Episode 6: “The Spiral Path”

Holly and Zinone catch up, while Jerrod meets some new friends. Catch up on The Third Age, the groundbreaking psychedelic webseries from the creators of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods.