And So

She can see it bruise
the horizon, then erupt
– like a mother
striking a daughter,
like the electricity
between the surfaces
of her palms, or between
two women repelled.
The storm rears,
poised to thunder –
there is no moment for grief.
—-A hit tree, split
but not broken,
will survive the wound
will grow around it – the scars
resemble cumulus –
will bear fruit the shape of a daughter,
that even before falling,
is rotten somehow.

Soul Sisters, by Mingagraphy

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Echo Russell is the daughter of a family of goat-herding gypsies from Tanzania. At 12, she won a gymnastics scholarship and moved to the United States. After shattering her pelvis in a tournament, she found her solace in poetry.

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Born in Bucharest, Romania, Mina spent her childhood in theatre, amongst preparing actors, dusty props and costumes, and most summers by the Black Sea, capturing the world with her plastic panoramic camera. Fascinated by movies and cinematography, she frames the world in overexposed imagery that reflects the luminosity of her vision. Since her move to NYC, she fell irreversibly in love with Coney Island, a subject that has been the center of her work for the past 3 years. She was a featured artist of the Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn and is a member of Norfolks NYC Art Collective. Her site is

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