Pray to Lord I Hope at Least One of My Ears Doesn’t Pop

Berkeley marina, by Minagraphy

Sarah had seen him many times
shedding tears
exclusively for film characters.
And so when Fred cried
at the departure gate,
she thought they might be
in a documentary.

Paul asked Jeannie, over
the breakfast menu:
“When will we meet again?”
She did not say a word.
Paul encouraged her: “When planes
all descend into the sun?
When snowmen become extinct?”
Finally she said, “When my hair
grows out.”

A bird-shaped stone
can never fly,
only be thrown.

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Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is a Hong Kong-born writer currently based in London, UK. She is a founding co-editor of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and the poetry editor of Fleeting magazine. Her photography has previously been published in Stirring, Juked, Litterbox, and Subliminal Interiors, among other places. More at

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