In the Junkyards #6

art by Cory HansonI road rage on fatal attractions
side-swipe your hard trim
or destroy your front fascia & pillar.
Your juke box boys are out of gas.
When the sun went corrupt.

I disassemble over your Mach-IV body.
Can love you in forever downshift & reverb
When the sun went corrupt
Subwoofer to battery box to halogen headlight
to ignition coil ecstasy to the Maharishi Tin, Baby,
I’m all sludge and gook
You make me come unplugged

as in Your transmissions pans are my ceilings
There is no other way to die but by full metal clutch
I’m a sucker for sex beyond speed limits.
Under the hood, we all die as nameless parts
When the sun went corrupt.

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Kyle Hemmings's latest collections of prose / poetry are You Never Die in Wholes, The Truth about Onions, Tokyo Girls in Science Fiction, and Anime Junkie. He loves '60s garage bands and believes that Arthur Lee talks to him from the dead. Kyle lives and dies in New Jersey.

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Cory graduated from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota, and left the Midwest before being asked to leave. Cory spends his nights drinking coffee, listening to music, and painting. He currently paints and resides in student loan debt in Portland, Oregon. Some of his work can be seen at

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