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Our website has now launched, including our “About Us” page, which contains crucial information about our mission.

Please bear with us as we continue to roll out content for the site.

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In 1996, while still an undergraduate, Dr. Julian Darius founded what would become Sequart Organization, which publishes non-fiction and documentary films on comic books and promotes the medium as a legitimate form of art. After graduating magna cum laude from Lawrence University (Appleton, Wisconsin), he obtained his M.A. in English, authoring a thesis on John Milton and utopianism. In 2002, he moved to Waikiki, teaching college while obtaining an M.A. in French (high honors) and a Ph.D. in English. In 2011, he founded Martian Lit. He currently lives in Illinois.

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  1. Weekly content begins today! It’s been a long delay, but only because we’ve insisted on quality. We wanted to make sure this was done right. Thanks for bearing with us, and we hope you stick around for a long time to come!

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