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Martian Comics #12Publishing Update

We’re working hard to get more comics out, and we have a ton in various stages of completion. We thought now would be a good time to update you on where we’re at and where… [more]

Lazarus, the Forever Man #1Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 Now on comiXology

The first issue of Lazarus, the Forever Man is now on ComiXology! The 70-page issue, also featuring an interview with comics and religion scholar A. David Lewis, is priced at $5.99. The comic is written… [more]

Lazarus, the Forever Man #12 Days Left for Lazarus Kickstarter

This is just a quick note to say that our Kickstarter for the 70-page Lazarus, the Forever Man#1 has just two days remaining! It’s a weird story about the Biblical Lazarus, how immortality works, negotiating multicultural identity,… [more]

Lazarus, the Forever Man #170-Page Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 Now on Kickstarter!

Martian Lit is proud to launch the Kickstarter for our newest comic book, Lazarus, the Forever Man #1! The massive, 70-page first issue follows our 24-page zero issue, which reprints the first two Lazarus stories from… [more]

Martian Comics Collected #1Our Comics Plans through Mid-2018

Martian Lit is now able to reveal its publishing plans through around mid-2018. Our next release will be Lazarus, the Forever Man #1, featuring an ambitious 70-page story, illustrated by Sergio Tarquini and Sara Nietto.… [more]

Lazarus, the Forever Man #1Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 Cover Revealed

Martian Lit is proud to reveal the cover to Lazarus, the Forever Man #1, a special 70-page issue that follows the Biblical Lazarus as he comes to terms with his past, while first-century history unfolds… [more]

Lazarus, the Forever Man #0Martian Lit Releases Lazarus, the Forever Man #0

Martian Lit is proud to release the debut issue of Lazarus, the Forever Man! The 24-page zero issue reprints the Lazarus stories from Martian Comics, in preparation for his ongoing series! The series stars the Biblical… [more]

Necropolitan #12016 Year in Review… and 2017 in Preview

In 2016, Martian Lit published six comics: Martian Comics #4-8 and Kimot Ren #1. In addition, we’ve already hit the ground running in 2017 by publishing Necropolitan #1 (although it and Martian Comics #8 are not yet available… [more]