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Muscular Man PosingPretty Meat

90 minutes a day and a pretty face… You’d be amazed at what some good looks and time in the gym can do for you. The possibilities are endless: get an agent, get a role,… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume 2, Episode 12: “St. James Infirmary”

After ingesting a huge amount of the fall, Zinone spirals into a fugue state.

quarryQuarry Letter

My carnivorous darling, my adored Predator, I long to be torn Limb from limb from limb by your Jewel-studded jaws I wish be ripped to pieces Rent in two I want to be devoured as… [more]

T3AV2E11The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 11: “The Fall”

Zinone confronts his actions, while Jerrod searches for healing.

Canterbury 2009I Hope One Day You Will Learn How to Use the Oyster Knife

I make a list of things I don’t know: 1) The precise hue of your beard when you’re pouring me wine. 2) The name of the kind of bread you bake. 3) The probably obscene… [more]

T3AV2E10The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 10: “This is My Life”

Jerrod makes some new friends, while Zinone encounters an old acquaintance.

screamWatching Alice Die

I’m sitting and smoking and watching Alice pop these huge blue pills into her mouth. She just scoops them up in her hand and pops them in like it’s nothing, like they’re candy, but they’re… [more]

still from The Third Age, Volume 2, Episode 9The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 9: “No Escape”

Previously on The Third Age… The completion of “The Fall,” a drug designed to give humans the powers of gods, marked the realization of Jerrod Woolf’s twenty year vision. But things didn’t quite come out… [more]

Billy IdolBooty Hill

Billy Idol’s music makes my dick hard. So does baseball: playing it, watching it in person, on TV, listening to games on the radio, trading and collecting bubble gum cards, you name it. Combine both… [more]

skyscraper16 Characters, 44 Stories, and the Bird Flies Away

Frank Monroe saw the ants below.  He thought of his dad.  A mostly empty bottle of fine Irish whiskey sat on the glass endtable inside his penthouse.  He gripped the rail.  The big plasma TV… [more]

record shopBig Deal

A quiet store, Saturday night, ten minutes to closing time. One customer remained, a female browsing the Pop music CD’s. The humming fluorescent lights illuminated her starkly, without shadow. Chuck Disani approached her with loping… [more]

MarsMars Vigila

_____Martians don’t masturbate.

Torso, by Seann McCollumLamarckism

Jim grappled with his cock, imagining himself transforming into pixels as he thrust it into the image of a woman’s vagina. A mind beyond his penis insisted this could happen. It was the same mind that assured him… [more]

art by MinagraphyWe’ll Take a Lover in the Afterlife

Dreamed on 15 Jan 2013. I was at my parents’ house, helping them move electronics around the living room. Everything we moved had other things behind it, flattened cardboard boxes propped up against the wall,… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume II, Episode 8: “Alone in the Dark”

Holly meets a new friend. Jerrod struggles with new realization. After this episode, there will be a month-long hiatus to finish post-production on the final Third Age episodes. Then the series will return for a… [more]

ChallengerThe Challenger

After Dad died and we moved in with Leon, everything went to shit.  I remember the first night he did it to me.  I was fourteen.  Mom was–most likely passed out–downstairs on the sofa with… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume II, Episode 7: “Behind the Mask”

Mark thinks about his future, while Zinone is haunted by ghosts of the past. Look for another new episode next week, and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@thirdagebegins) for the latest news. The… [more]

Manhands, by Christopher CoffeyKen’s Doll

There’s really nothing wrong with the Valley. People accustomed to Sunset look down on it but paradise has its limits; thinking all of Los Angeles can be a palm-lined mirage of awesomeness is lunacy. The… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume II, Episode 6: “Party of One”

Holly confronts her jailer, while Zinone attends a party. Look for another new episode next week, and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@thirdagebegins) for the latest news. The Third Age is a psychedelic… [more]

His BackShe Didn’t Even Know Who He Was

I am wearing a facsimile of glasses worn by a young man when he was shot six times outside his apartment. It was a tragedy and it was infamous so I do not have to… [more]

The Third Age screenshotThe Third Age, Volume II, Episode 5: “Remote Control”

Zinone reunites with an old friend, and Morning finds herself seeing static. Look for another new episode next week, and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@thirdagebegins) for the latest news. The Third Age… [more]

Michelangelo's Creation of Adam (close-up)Dinner and Charades

It is evening, and the sun is low.  I ring the doorbell to my sister’s house.  She answers the door, her brown eyes alight with excitement. “Why hello, Mike!” Nicole gushes.  “How’s my favorite brother… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume II, Episode 4: “Bad Dream”

Zinone negotiates, Morning deals with a bad dream and Holly wakes up. The Third Age is a psychedelic webseries from the creators of acclaimed documentaries Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts.

marsEpithalamion: An Undetected Life

The Martians have decided to get married. Bridal magazines unfold on the end tables and curl in the humidity of the bathroom. Every weekend they take the city bus to the mall, to David’s, and… [more]

screenshotThe Third Age, Volume II, Episode 3: “The Gilded Cage”

Zinone returns to The Third Age, and life is looking good, if only that pesky conscience would stop bothering him. Meanwhile, Woolf Pharmaceutical expands production. Look for another new episode next week, and be sure… [more]