The Third Age, Volume II, Episode 9:

“No Escape”

Previously on The Third Age…

The completion of “The Fall,” a drug designed to give humans the powers of gods, marked the realization of Jerrod Woolf’s twenty year vision. But things didn’t quite come out as planned. Under the drug’s influence, Jerrod has been spiraling into delusion, and a beatdown from demented Seth didn’t help.

Zinone has also become dependent on the drug, slipping deeper and deeper into depression about his role in the disappearance of Holly and Morning. He has committed to finding them, but is at a loss for where to start.

Morning woke up in a new life, with a husband and daughter. But, something felt wrong. Only now is she finding the power she once had, but whoever set her on this path is not happy about that.

At least she’s faring better than Holly, who’s spent weeks locked in a cell, undergoing psychological torture from Seth and Alicia. After a brutal assault by Alicia, she lies in tears, beaten, broken and utterly alone.

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