The Third Age, Volume II Trailer

It’s been a long time since we last released a new episode of The Third Age. But the break is over, and we’re ready to return with Volume II. With this set of episodes, we’re trying to do something more experimental, to immerse you in the characters’ psyches and create moments that are disturbing, terrifying and sometimes heartwarming. Not every experiment is going to work, but I’m very proud of what we’ve come up with, and particularly of the brilliant performances by all our cast members.

In case you forgot what was going on, here’s a brief recap of what happened in the first volume of The Third Age.

CHRISTOPHER ZINONE is trying to get his life together. He’s been trying for a long time, but he’s fallen into bad patterns, dealing drugs to his circle of friends, and sinking further and further into depression. His life changes when he encounters MORNING, a woman who seems to possess mysterious powers. A variety of freaky experiences send Zinone to his ex-girlfriend HOLLY in search of answers. Holly used to be a party girl, but had an enlightenment experience, and is trying to live a better, more fulfilling life. She forms an instant bond with Morning, and sets out to find out what happened to her. A ritual reveals that Morning is a god, who has fallen to Earth to rescue her father, MILTON.

Milton is being held by JERROD WOOLF, a scientist who believes he is doing god’s will. Twenty years ago, Jerrod had a vision that he would invent a drug that would save humanity, and turn everyone into gods. He believes that Milton is the key to realizing that vision, and together with his assistant MARK, he is working to achieve it. However, the vision is leading Jerrod down some strange paths. He is menaced by two wild, punks SETH and ALICIA, who reveal that they gave Jerrod the vision to manipulate him into capturing Milton and achieving their goals. Jerrod surrenders to their will, and sets out to capture Morning, to find the missing ingredient for the drug.

After being attacked, Holly, Zinone and Morning go on the run. But, Holly soon realizes that Zinone is a liability and separates from him. He doesn’t take the news well, and stumbles into depression, before being captured by Alicia and brought to Jerrod. Jerrod tells Zinone that he just wants to reunite Morning and her father. He also offers to make Zinone’s legal problems go away, and give him the chance at a new life.

Agonizing over the decision, and sinking further into rejection, he calls Holly and says he wants to meet with her one more time. At the meeting, Zinone is already drunk, and Holly soon realizes that he has drugged her and Morning. She tries to flee, but is shot with a tranquilizer by Jerrod’s mercenaries. Seth captures Morning, his sister, and brings her to Jerrod. Zinone rails at him, feeling betrayed, but Jerrod is content. His vision is being realized, and the third age is beginning.

Come back next week for the start of Volume II, and a return to the world of The Third Age!

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