Dead Animals

“A master’s class in short fiction… DeWildt doesn’t pull a single punch, and it’s refreshing to find an author who has the literary balls necessary to pull it off.”
– JJ Anderson, author of Trailer Park Juggernauts

“In the rugged tradition of the best rural noir… these stories are brutal, sobering reminders that mankind is little more than animals who can talk, driven by instinct, defeated by inability, and always dangerous when cornered.”
– Joe Clifford, author of Junkie Love and Wake the Undertaker

“Bleak, twisted, and not afraid to take risks. It’s a haunting journey with surprisingly real characters — sometimes wonderfully odd, almost bizarre, but believable.”
– Chris Irvin, co-editor of Shotgun Honey

Hear them shriek.
See them live.
Watch them love / die.

Pay your fee.
Come one / come all.
They’re on parade today.


CS DeWildt is a liar and he will hurt you. He lives in the desert and wrote a novella called Candy and Cigarettes. His stories have appeared in a variety of print and webzines. CS DeWildt wants you to visit him at

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